Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cradle the Thought

I'll only hurt tonight, hurt to sing a song
Microwave feed her thirst of being in my head
Torching the curtains as she dances along
on my masterpiece how I know I can play dead
Investigate the clouds shape shaft cock craft
blue sun goddess frees the legs to run away
into the arms of you were me you are I am laughed
wish me laying grass green sadness every day
My me mind and you were me you are I am waited for
bless the wish to wish to bless the foot licked
she roams you see don't be like that to me no more
and suddenly the trains burst away the floorboard kicked
What's the reason I can think a few
and more than ever it's a crime to think
and let it all fester some more and stew
who knows anything she does, lets drink

away the morning

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